Cheshire PTO Board Positions 2019-2020

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Cheshire PTO Board Positions 2019-2020
Lisa Perry

We need YOU!!

Please consider getting involved in Cheshire Elementary's PTO.  We need parent volunteers to fulfill our 2019-2020 PTO Board positions so that we can continue supporting all of the amazing events at Cheshire! 

To apply for a position, please include a brief bio about yourself and your experience.  

Cheshire Elementary PTO Board Positions 2019-2020

PTO President

Shall preside at all PTO meetings, be an ex-officio member of all committees except nominating; monitor office PTO mailbox; perform other duties deemed necessary.

 PTO Vice President

Shall perform the duties of the PTO President in the absence of the PTO President, maintain a volunteer master list and assist committee chairs in getting volunteers for each event, seek updates from committee members before monthly meetings for the current month and one-month post.  Perform any other duties the President deems necessary.

 PTO Treasurer

Accounting/Book keeping experience helpful.  Shall be responsible for all funds of the PTO; maintain an accurate account of receipts and expenditures; make disbursements as authorized; present financial report at every meeting; work with accountant to file tax forms annually.  An Audit Committee appointed by the Board shall examine the Treasurer’s accounts annually.

 PTO Assistant Treasurer

Shall assist the Treasurer in all PTO accounting functions; shall perform the duties of the Treasurer in the absence of the Treasurer.

 PTO Secretary

Shall record the minutes of all meetings of the PTO, maintain a log of the meeting minutes to be kept with the Treasurer’s information at fiscal year-end each year and distribution of information for the membership.

 PTO Corresponding Secretary / Reporter

 Shall handle all official correspondence, by checking the PTO Mailbox in the office daily.  In addition, they shall inform, collect & distribute to the sitting Chairs and Officers any correspondence, order forms, or mail and create and distribute PTO Newsletter.  They shall post PTO correspondence to the PTO bulletin board monthly, and provide, and inform the membership of meetings and information that pertains to the PTO through the news media, district and school publications.

 PTO Web Master

Shall create, update and maintain the Cheshire Elementary School PTO website and administer PTO Facebook page.  Monthly updates include PTO meeting minutes, PTO calendar, PTO newsletter and other items as needed.



Current Volunteers for this Event

PTO President (1 of 5 filled)

Stacie Rinker
I have been a member of the CES Family for five years. My daughter, Ellie, is entering the fifth grade and my son, Mason, will be in second grade. Through the years, I have been active with the CES PTO. I chaired the 2019 Mother and Son Movie Night and have served on more than a dozen other PTO committees. Additionally, I am a volunteer for the Cheshire Reads and Cheshire Counts programs. These experiences helped me to develop strong bonds with staff and other active PTO members. My time served has inspired me to take an even more active role with the PTO. I request the privilege to serve alongside the board as the CES PTO President for the 2019-2020 school year.

PTO Vice President (2 of 5 filled)

Jennifer Coriell Stover
I have been a room mom for several years, as both of my children have attended/do attend CES. I have also been the co-chair of a couple of CESPTO committees. I have additionally run my own successful businesses, including a law firm (which I'm thankfully retired from) and a consulting company. I would love to continue to help out the CESPTO family however I can!
Jill Laurence
Hello everyone. I've been part of the CES Family/PTO for eight years and have held many positions within the PTO; most recently on the PTO Board. Currently I have a 1st Grader and a 4th Grader at CES and a 7th Grader at Berkshire. I look forward to hopefully be given the opportunity to continue to serve the CES community along with the many volunteers that make CES successful and unique.

PTO Treasurer (2 of 5 filled)

Dean Prall
Hi, I'm Dean Prall. I have a current 4th Grader, Spencer, and I've been on the CES PTO Board for multiple years with various positions. Most recently as Assistant Treasurer. I also volunteer on other School District committees including the Olentangy Education Foundation (Finance Workgroup). I look forward to continuing serving the CES community if given the opportunity!
Priya Gullapalli
Hello, my name is Priya Gullapalli. I currently work full-time within the Financial Reporting (Accounting) department. I am a mom to two beautiful kids, one of who is in Grade 1 at Cheshire and the other who will be in Kindergarten at Cheshire in the fall of 2020. I would like to volunteer for the PTO Treasurer position as it fits right in with my experience. I am excited to serve on the PTO Board and look forward to being a part of the Chesire Community.

PTO Assistant Treasurer (1 of 5 filled)

Leigh Thurman
I am a stay at home mom to Ellie, Jack, and Evan. Our family has been part of the wonderful Cheshire community for 4 years. During that time I have chaired and volunteered with several different events. We have such an amazing school community that has given my family so much-a vibrant place to grow and learn, special memories, treasured times together, and more. Now that my youngest will be starting kindergarten, I would love to be involved in a more active role in PTO, on the board as Assistant Treasurer. Thank you so very much for your consideration!

PTO Secretary (1 of 5 filled)

Meredith Brown
Hi. I'm Meredith Brown. I have served on the PTO Board for 3 years. First as the Webmaster and am currently the Secretary. I would like to serve as Secretary again next year. I have 3 children; Reece who will be attending Hyatts next year, Tobin who will be in 4th grade, and Beatrix who will be entering Kindergarten. I am proud to serve on the PTO Board and support our wonderful Cheshire community.

PTO Corresponding Secretary/Reporter (1 of 5 filled)

Amy Kanjuka
Hi, my name is Amy Kanjuka. I have a daughter in first grade, and we have enjoyed being a part of the Cheshire family for the past two years. I am currently employed as a Digital Authoring Specialist at McGraw-Hill where I'm responsible for documenting and training our authoring teams on new technologies and authoring best practices. I'm interested in volunteering for the Corresponding Secretary/Reporter position in order to give back to the school community.

PTO Webmaster (1 of 5 filled)

Karen Coburn
My name is Karen Coburn, and I am a stay at home mom to 3 amazing kids. My oldest daughter attends Cheshire, and in the fall of 2020 her sister will join her. I have volunteered with the PTO for 3 years and served on the PTO Board for 1 year as the Webmaster. I look forward to serving our Cheshire community for another year if elected.