You are volunteering for Back to school Supplies Chair/Co-chair – Special - Spring / Summer 2019):

Date: Aug 01, 2019

Coordinate with the principal to determine teacher supply lists, coordinate purchase of supplies with vendor, plan and organize the Back to School
kits in August, including a schedule of volunteers to help inspect the delivered pre-packaged supply kits to ensure accuracy. Deliver supply kits to the designated classrooms prior to the start of school.

Chairperson: Karen Coburn (email:, phone: )
(1 filled, no more needed)
(1 filled, no more needed)

Current Volunteers

Chairperson (1 of 1 filled)

Dawn Schirtzinger
I have not filled this role previously, but would be happy to take the lead on organizing.

Co-chair (1 of 1 filled)

Lisa Perry